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Closed String Stairs
The commonest type of stair where the string (the side of the stair into
which the treads and risers are housed) is straight in the top edge.

Cut & Bracketed Stairs
A flight of stairs in which the string is shaped to the outline of the steps
and having ornamental brackets under the returned nosing.

Open Tread Stairs
Stairs which only have half risers or a bar in place of the full riser.

Space Save / Alternating Tread Stairs
Stairs often used to access a loft or attic where it is not possible to fit a conventional
stair. They are constructed so alternate handed steps have part of the tread cut away
and therefore will only take half the “going” of traditional stairs. The user relies on
familiarity for safety and we would not recommend that they are used where
children have access.

Newel Posts & Balusters
An infinite variety of styles can be supplied, square, square stop chamfered, various
standard turned, bespoke turned, wrought iron, stainless steel and glass.

We produce a large selection of patterns or alternatively
we can machine handrails to customer requirements.

We regularly produce stairs from European redwood (pine), European
oak and sapele, other timbers are available on request.

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